On the Road – Trucks gives road users detailed information on the distances (pegs) of roadside facilities including truck parking bays, bridges (dimensions), roadhouses and their facilities, dirt tracks suitable for parking and service stations throughout mainland Australia.

Along with the distances is the specific facilities offered at each stop including rest area, parking, showers, food, fuel and service. 

Presented in an easy to follow format, On the Road – Trucks is a book you will be able to use for life. The format of the book allows you to keep your own records throughout the book.

On the Road – Trucks will assist long haul drivers and operations managers with Fatigue Management, is a must for ‘Duty of Care’ and essential for Compliance and Enforcement regulations. Importantly it is a book that can help save lives on our Australian roads.

The detailed information in this publication is also suitable for anyone travelling around Australia by road.

Available in:

Digital copy: High resolution PDF format emailed to you in a 5 mb zip.file. This allows you to print only the pages you require or the entire 120 pages.
$20 including GST. Click the link below with your billing details and you will be emailed an invoice. Once payment is received the book will be emailed to you. 

Hard copy: The ring bound book will not be printed again in the forseable future. However, we can arrange digital copies (mono) to be printed. These will not have ring binding. Please click the link below with the quantity you require and we will send you a quote.